Why should you bet on the Women’s Football World Cup?

At the moment, the group stage is almost completed and the football playoffs are ahead. It’s time to start preparing for the next stage and learn how to place bets. We would like you to learn how to predict the winner of the women’s football championship.

This one is successful for female in the tournament

This year in Canada, for the first time, not 16 crews, but 24 take part in the women’s world tournament. They are divided into six groups, in which there are 4 teams. The two football leading crews proceed to the 1/8 finals, where they are joined by four more crews that showed better results than the third crews of every period. Logically, women’s kind of game has its own specifics, and here, in contrast to men’s football, the difference in class even at such a level as the World Cup is sometimes overwhelming.

What are bettors worried about?

The main problem that sports betting fans face when they want to bet on women’s football is that there is not enough statistical data to conduct a qualitative analysis. Nevertheless, in this case, you can find a way out if you use several important indicators of assessing the strength of football teams for forecasting.

FIFA rankings for Women’s World Tournament

Of course, the place that a particular team occupies in the world rankings is important and can, in general terms, tell the player who is at what level. For example, at the moment the crew of France and the UK are among the women’s leaders in the world ranking, which are separated by only ten rating points. These teams, as a rule, confidently deal with opponents inferior in the class, often inflicting on them uniform defeats. However, if we talk about predicting the football result for betting of a face-to-face meeting of these football teams in this situation the rating cannot give an unambiguous answer.

Are there any drawbacks to this approach to analysis?

It’s over, yes. For example, many teams play many matches ahead of the World Cup against significantly inferior teams, thus adding a certain confusion to the purity of betting statistics. For example, Thailand has scored more goals than conceded since 2012, and the average rating of its opponents was 50. And the Ivory Coast national women’s team, with the same average game score varieties, conducted betting events with even less strong opponents. So an additional parameter in the form of the average level of rivals for a selected period of time is extremely important and, perhaps, at the right time, it will tell you that it is Thailand who will win the match with Cote d’Ivoire, as, in fact, it happened.