Pugh and Sharples retreat to contests after recovering from coronavirus

NWSL finalist MVP Mallory Pugh returns to the contest after a lengthy absence. After recovering from Covid-19, the football professional was able to retreat to her Chicago Red Stars crew and participate in the NWSL finals, which occurred on Saturday, November 20, immediately after passing all the Covid-19 protocols.
The NWSL is the largest and most famous women’s football league in the United States, with regular rivalries between different women’s teams for the title of the strongest. The last matches of the tournament of this league took place. It was marked by a confrontation between such different teams, one of which was the Chicago Red Stars.
They were able to win although several key players on their team were unable to take part in this game. This is because in early November, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, special documents were introduced, called the Covid-19 protocols.
Pugh, as well as Kayla Sharples, had to miss the semifinal match due to some problems with the design of these protocols. But now everything is fine and the athletes even managed to hold one general training session with the team before competing in the NWSL MVP final.
Another member of the Chicago Red Stars, Kealia Watt, will not be able to take part in the final game due to her injury in the semifinals.

Source: Equalizer