Kim Kardashian West Helps Women’s Football Crew Transfer to the UK

On the morning of November 18, the aircraft, along with the women’s football crew and their relatives, arrived in the UK from Pakistan. The women’s football crew is originally from Afghanistan and was only able to move to Britain through the combined efforts of Premier League side Leeds, New York rabbi plus Kim Kardashian West.
The crew members and their families were obliged to stay in quarantine for 10 days immediately upon arrival, given the situation in the world, but starting today, they will be able to start a new life in a new land.
Many European lands, including Great Britain, announced the start of aid to the characters of Afghanistan after the Taliban seized the authorities in the country. Thousands of characters have been saved thanks to the efforts of leading countries.
After coming to power, the Taliban declared that sports for women were an act of defiance. That is why thousands of women were forced to leave their own country after the Taliban launched to restrict women’s freedoms and rights.
The former captain of the Afghanistan women’s soccer team said she was happy for her family and her friends when they were safe outside of Afghanistan. She also told that their salvation came at a huge cost, as some of their family members were killed or captured.

Source: ESPN