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[ Bid Concept ]


FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.

We in Japan have a strong desire to harness the momentum built by the 2019 tournament in France to ensure women’s football continues to advance, expand, and ascend to a higher level, elevating it to a status parallel with that of the men’s game.

We firmly believe that Japan can make this happen.

As the only nation to have won the World Cup at every age level, we have felt in our own hearts the impact the FIFA Women's World Cup can have on individuals and society as a whole.

As a result of JFA’s ceaseless efforts to empower people through our social activities, we also know the power of football to influence society.

Witnessing top-class entertainment before our own eyes changes the world. When embracing such wonderful experiences, differences in race, gender, and sexuality disappear. That thrill moves people, removing barriers and embracing all aspects to ensure we become one.

This is what we want to achieve at the Women's World Cup in Japan in 2023.


Japan Bid Committee

JFA President
Vice Chairman
IWAGAMI Kazumichi
JFA Vice President
President, Japan Women's Football League
Vice ChairPerson
IMAI Junko
Chairperson, JFA Women's Committee
Name Current Position
Member MURAI Mitsuru JFA Vice President
Chairman, Japan Professional Football League
Member SUHARA Kiyotaka JFA General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
Member KITAZAWA Tsuyoshi JFA Exco Member
Chairman, Japan Inclusive Football Federation
Member SASAKI Norio JFA Exco Member
Former Coach of Japan Women's National Team
Member YAMAGUCHI Kaori JFA Exco Member
Executive Board Member, Japanese Olympic Committee
Member AYABE Michie JFA Councilor
Head, Sub Committee of Women's Competitoins
Member HANYU Hideyuki President, Tokyo Verdy, Inc.
Head, J.League Women's Project
Member KOBAYASHI Miyuki Manager, Jef United Ichihara Chiba Ladies
Exco Member, Japan University Women's Football Association
Member YAMGISHI Sachiko Member, JFA Referees Committee
Former FIFA Referee
Member SHINO Mitsuko Assistant Minister, Director-General for Cultural Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The key dates of the bidding process
for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

31 July 2019 Decision by the FIFA Council to increase the number of teams taking part in the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ from 24 to 32 as of 2023 and the subsequent reopening of the bidding process
2 September 2019 Deadline to confirm participation in the bidding process and submit the completed bidding registration to FIFA
3 September 2019 FIFA to dispatch the bidding registration and overview documents
13 December 2019 Submission of the bid book, the signed hosting agreement and all other hosting documents to FIFA
January - February 2020 Expected official inspection visits by FIFA
June 2020 Expected appointment date of the host(s) by the FIFA Council